Chubb safes Catalogue

Chubb Safes Catalog

Chubbsafes 2″ Strongroom Doors are specially designed and contructed to resist againts high speed srills, force and fire


Chubbsafes 4.5 Inch Vault Doors embodies state of the art manufacturing technology and incoporating the latest development in barrier materials.

The core Drill Resistant safe has been specially design for very high risk protection.
The Chubbsafes Electronic Hotel safes is a Revolution in today’s hotel safe management.
Guardian Safe range is designed for financial and commercial sectors requirement for high risk protection, suitable for banks, trading house, jewellery outlet and other institutions.


Mini Banker Safes is a low to medium security safe designed for ideally for small business and homes


Chubsafes Record Protection Filling Cabinets provides fire protection for any paper based documents in the event of a severe fire.


Security Bookroom Doors are designed for a limited security risk environment suitable for securing rooms storing confidential papers, records and limited amount of Cash and valuables.


Chubbsafes UL Listed Vault Doors are specially designed for the very high risk environment.