APS Safes Home Series



APS Home Series is the best seller in the market for small
office and also home use safes. It fits snuggly under any
conventional table and also sits into a wardrobe neatly.








APS Keyless Combination Lock features 1
million changeable codes in its 3 wheel
combination lock set.



APS – Diecast Steel handle +
Active Lock Control
APS Handles were designed to break
upon impact or force entry to limit the
accessibility of the safe in case of attack.
Its spring loaded Active Lock Control
system ensures the safe is lock at all times



APS Key Lock, tubular lock set with ball
bearing indents for tougher lock picking.
Offers 400 possible combinations.



Fire & Burglary Resistant

Fire Test
Tested in accordance to Japanese
Industrial Standards – JIS S 1037:1989
and achieved an integrity of 60 Minutes
over 1 hours @ 1000 Degree Celsius

Fire & Burglary Resistant
The Home Series boasts a wall thickness
of 71 mm each side. Which will deter fire
and burglary

APS – Vertical Rebate
APS Vertical rebate is situated right
behind the door acting as a safety latch to
prevent door opening from cutting of
hinges. be sure your door will still stay
where it is even without its hinges.